The Quiet Place


Psalms 23:2 provides us with two items necessary for physical and spiritual survival.

Green pastures for the sheep speaks of a place to eat and renew their strength. The fact of the green pasture showed the diligence of the shepherd in finding a place of ease for the sheep, a place free from danger, and a place where everything was good to eat.  This is true in our following of the Good Shepherd, He leads us to place where we can renew ourselves from His provision.  Being able to lie down on soft grass in contrast to a rocky place speaks to the understanding of the Good Shepherd and His provision for what we need to feel safe.

The quiet waters need to be contrasted with a raging river.  The ability to drink freely without fear of the risk involved in obtaining that water is a benefit of belonging to the Good Shepherd.  Within His plan for our lives, He ensures that we have all that we need for a sustained life.  One of the challenges we face is remembering His goodness and provision.  I am pretty sure that along the way to these green pastures and quiet waters there were sheep that wanted to wander away from the flock, that wanted to stop due to the difficulty of the journey, that felt impatient at the length of the journey.  I realize that sheep may not express these feelings, but we, His sheep, sure can feel the desires to wander from His path, become discouraged by difficulties, and allow impatience and other emotions to derail our following of the Good Shepherd.

Resist these temptations and continue to follow the voice of the Good Shepherd, He is leading you to quiet waters and green pastures.


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