What a wonderful story of the Good Shepherd’s work in our life.

  1. Restoration of our soul deals with a return to the original.  God’s plan is to take a life ravaged by sin and bad choices and work with them to bring them back into a state of wholeness and childlike state.  When I speak of childlike, I am referring to the innocence towards sin and the great faith of a child. We need to be able to dream again and believe that all things are possible. It is a second chance at life.
  2. The second portion of the verse is a key to successfully navigating this second chance.  Righteousness speaks of doing what is right.  The picture of paths shows a journey and times of learning.  The psalmist connects this journey in Psalm 119 to the Word of God which guides us, helps us to avoid sin, and gives us hope.
  3. The final point is the reason for His plan, it is for His Name.  God has a reputation and jealously protects it.  The fact that He is willing to invest His name in us needs to bring us value. The God of Heaven, the Creator of everything we see believes in our ability to change and life a life of righteousness.


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