Seasons of Change

This last week we experienced the first day of spring according to the calendar (March 20). This change is meant to signify that winter has passed and brighter days are ahead. During the winter season things go into a dormancy stage awaiting the spring when newness can be revealed. I feel like this is symbolic of our lives, where we are coming out of a season of winter into a season of spring. Dormancy is defined as “A state of inactivity during the development of many plants characterized by their inability to grow, though continuing their morphological and physiological activities.” This dormancy is also experienced in our lives, nothing has changed, but we seem to be in an inactive state. Our routines remain the same, but growth has waned. Be encouraged, you have been in a season of dormancy and spring has arrived.

The prophet Hosea calls out to you in Hosea 10:12 “Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” How will you respond, will you take an active roll in breaking up your fallow ground or will you stay in winter’s hibernation? Turning over the ground of our lives is important if we are to receive the newness the Jesus has in store for our lives. The verse says: “break up your fallow ground” indicating that it must have been tilled before. This makes me believe that God is speaking to the Christian here. Someone who has already received Christ as Savior since the Holy Spirit is the one that cultivates our soil and prepares it for planting.

Anchored in Hope,

Pastor Phil

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