Center of Hope Devotion

Dear church family,


Saul was becoming increasingly afraid and jealous of David. Not only was David endearing himself to the common people of Israel, but he was even strengthening his bond with Jonathan, Saul’s son.

Saul’s reign was in jeopardy. He was quickly losing the loyalty and control of the Israelites as David’s popularity soared. Hearing the crowd sing about David’s victory sparked jealousy in Saul.

"And from that time on Saul kept a close eye on David" (1 Samuel 18:9).

But David was God’s choice to replace Saul as ruler of Israel. No matter how much Saul wanted to harm or hinder David, Saul’s efforts would fail. Saul may have considered David his enemy, but fighting against God’s will was Saul’s real battle, and one he could not win.

Nonbelievers may treat Christians with disdain, persecution, ridicule, and hatred. But Christians are the redeemed children of God, and He will protect and bless those who trust in Him.

Prayer Suggestion: Holy God, You are my Protector from evil and Your eyes are always upon me.