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Good morning Friends and Family,


David’s troops were victorious in the battle, but that did not soothe his grief over Absalom’s death.

Joab, the commander of the army, scolded David for his response, pointing out that he was humiliating his troops by his very public grief over the death of his rebellious son—the one who had tried to dethrone him.

You love those who hate you and hate those who love you. You have made it clear today that the commanders and their men mean nothing to you. I see that you would be pleased if Absalom were alive today and all of us were dead” (2 Samuel 19:6).

David’s personal grief and compassion got in the way of his gratitude to God (and his warriors) for saving the nation. Once he resumed his duties as king, he welcomed back many of the rebellious leaders who had sided with Absalom, and he did so with a compassionate heart. Because David remembered all that had been forgiven him, he was able to forgive others.

In conflict, some people think showing forgiveness and God’s love to the “other side” is offensive. But a compassionate heart loves and forgives all sides. At times our willingness to forgive others seems offensive to others who have also been hurt by the same situation or party. Our forgiveness can appear to somehow condone the action, but being able to forgive doesn’t mean we are condoning the action, but instead our dependence on Jesus, who teaches us to forgive others.

Thought for Today: Who needs your forgiveness today?