Center of Hope devotion

Dear Friends and Family,


John was excited when he received an inheritance check. He could pay off his auto loan and credit card debt. However, his real joy was being able to contribute to an organization that helped broken families who were living on the street, transforming them through biblical counseling, parenting classes, and job training. His desire was to participate in the work God was doing in the lives of these people, so he gladly gave an offering to this ministry.

All the officials and all the people brought their contributions gladly, dropping them into the chest until it was full (2 Chronicles 24:10).

Joash, the king of Judah, commanded that taxes and offerings be brought to repair the temple in Jerusalem and to pay skilled workers and furnish it. All the people gladly responded and rejoiced because they could invest together in God’s project.

The Lord offers opportunities to participate in His restoration plans by placing on people’s hearts the desire to not only build a church or support a mission, but to help heal someone’s life.

Prayer Suggestion: Lord, show me how to use the resources You’ve given me to invest in Your plan of restoring people’s lives for Your glory.