Center of Hope Devotion June 22nd

Dear Friends,


“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you” (Job 42:5).

God listened to every word of Job and those who spoke to him. He held His response until everyone else finished. Then, from the midst of a storm, God questioned Job, and His questions revealed much. The questions about nature and creation were unanswerable questions that spoke of His power and knowledge. They defined His character and revealed Job’s inability to understand or comprehend God’s sovereign glory. When God was finished, Job could only admit his ignorance.

Throughout his ordeal, Job believed he was in the right and God was in the wrong. He had benefited from God’s kindness in the past, but his view of God was earthbound, limited, and unable to explain life’s trials and difficulties. All he thought he had known was as dust, and he admitted he had spoken without understanding of things too wonderful for him to know. God never answered Job’s questions. Instead, He declared His majesty. This experience changed everything, and Job humbled himself before God.

Challenge for Today: Humble yourself and acknowledge God’s greatness.