Center of Hope Devotion

Dear Friends,


Nancy was in the midst of a family problem that seemed to worsen each day. As she hung her laundry outside, her spirit was as damp as the clothing she pinned on the lines. Then words began flowing through her mind and she began to sing them. As she sang the praise chorus over and over, joy bubbled in the heart that had held only sorrow.

Throughout much of his lifetime, David faced those whose one desire was to murder him. Even his son wanted him dead so he could become king.

There were times when David trembled in fear and times when he was depressed. But he realized God was the source of his strength.

You are my strength, I sing praise to you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely (Psalm 59:17).

David sang praises to God instead of giving into despair. When you choose to praise God in the midst of your circumstances, God will become your strength and lighten your heavy heart.

Challenge for Today: Release your burdens to the Lord as you offer your praise.