Center of Hope Devotion – July 10, 2020

Dear Friends,


Kaitlyn thought the stress that caused shingles on her head and in her eye was pressure related to work and an upcoming international trip. However, when she told a friend about it, something else poured out of her mouth. She had allowed scathing words spoken by a family member to torment her day and night. Shocked at the effect it had on her, she prayed with her friend and repented for not giving that hurt to God. The shingles on her head healed slowly over weeks. However, the excruciating pain in her eye disappeared immediately. She learned a valuable lesson about releasing her emotional hurts to God.

It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees (Psalm 119:71).

People do not necessarily have sin in their lives when they are sick. However, dealing with sin and emotional issues can aid healing. James 5:16 tells believers to confess their sins to each other and pray for healing. Jesus said in Matthew 5:25 to settle matters quickly with your enemy so you don’t let sin and emotional baggage pile up and cause trouble.

Prayer Suggestion: Lord, reveal to me anything that hinders my relationship with You.