Center of Hope Devotion – July 20, 2020

Dear Friends,


Strolling down a city street with her twelve-year-old granddaughter, Barbara suddenly stopped. Pulling a twenty-dollar bill from her purse, she walked over to a beggar who sat slumped in the alley. “Jesus told me to give this to you,” she said, handing him the money. “He wants you to know that He loves you.” Then she prayed for the man to sense God’s love and to surrender to Him.

As Barbara walked away from the astonished beggar, her granddaughter asked, “Why do you always do stuff like that, Grammie? Dad worries about you because he says you don’t have much money.”

Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses (Proverbs 28:27).

Barbara answered, “God works out everything, so I don’t need much money. My kitchen toaster is fifty years old and it still works like new. God blesses what I have, and He gives me everything I need. He does that so He can use my money to bless others.”

This is not a story that states that we should give money to every person who is holding a sign. Notice the statement in the story about "Jesus told me". The intent is not to focus on the poor, but to realize that what we have comes from God and should be used for His glory. This is only one of many opportunities to use what we have to bring Glory to His Name.

Prayer Suggestion: Lord, help me remember that everything I have is from You. Show me how to use it all for Your glory.