Center of Hope Devotion – October 22, 2020

Dear Friends,


Sam and Johnny worked together and become good friends. Even after the plant laid Johnny off, Sam and Johnny kept in contact. Forty years later, Sam asked Johnny to pray for him. Sam had been born with a kidney disease, but he had never previously told Johnny. Sam didn’t talk about His own problems. He was humble and always put others first.

Jesus’ disciples were not as humble as Sam.

But they kept quiet because on the way they had argued about who was the greatest (Mark 9:34).

As they traveled with Jesus to Capernaum, they argued about which of them was the greatest. When Jesus questioned their prideful conversation, they did not want to admit their pride.

Humility is a virtue that takes God’s grace and time to develop. Jesus did not disparage the disciples’ ambition, but He wanted them to realize they were nothing without Him. He wants believers to also realize that. No matter how God works in a Christian’s life, God should get the glory. Pride destroys the believer’s work, but, with humility, believers can do all things through the strength God provides.

Prayer Suggestion: God, help me to develop a spirit of humility so You receive glory from my life.