Center of Hope Devotion – October 29, 2020

Dear Friends,


“I can’t believe he’s gone.” Maria stood by her husband’s casket, the memories of a lifetime together rushing over her in a bewildering torrent. Now she was truly alone. She had thought things couldn’t get any worse when her daughter died of cancer a year ago, but now she wondered if life was even worth living.

Jesus met a woman in a similar situation.

When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her and he said, “Don’t cry” (Luke 7:13).

His heart broke for her, and though she didn’t know to reach out to Him with hope or expectation, His compassion compelled Him to move on her behalf. He not only dried her tears, but He had the power and desire to change what she thought was the end of her story.

Christ’s compassion is not lessened today. He who knows what it is like to be human carried the sorrows of every person. He walks beside His children in their grief. And more than that, He has the power to write a new ending to every story.

Prayer Suggestion: Jesus, I thank You for your unending compassion toward me.

Anchored in Hope,

Pastor Phil Johnson