Center of Hope Devotion – November 5, 2020

Dear Friends,


What image comes to mind when thinking of the word endurance? Perhaps the image is a sweaty athlete grimacing as he pushes through the last mile of a marathon, or a cancer patient courageously facing treatment after treatment, or a single mom living the daily grind.

Jesus thought of His people who would face persecution for their faith in Him.

“Stand firm, and you will win life” (Luke 21:19).

What does it take to stand firm? Godly endurance is not meek acceptance of one’s lot in life. God desires that His children thrive rather than merely exist. Long-ago preacher Alexander Maclaren put it this way: “The endurance which wins the soul, and leads to salvation, is no mere passive submission, excellent and hard to attain as that often is; but it is brave perseverance in the face of all difficulties, and in spite of all enemies.”

Standing firm means refusing to live in guilt or fear. Standing firm means believing God’s promises, regardless of what is seen. Standing firm means serving God faithfully until the end.

Prayer Suggestion: God, please give courage and grace to stand firm.