Center of Hope Devotion – June 8, 2021

Dear Friends,

Some people say, “Promises are made to be broken.” No one expects to keep their New Year’s resolutions. We all know to get things in writing, because a handshake deal will not hold up in court. To many, a promise is more about good intentions than real follow-through.

This was not the case for the returning Jewish exiles. Not only did they bind themselves with promises to put God first, they also put in a consequences clause for those who did not keep their promises.

All these now join their fellow Israelites the nobles, and bind themselves with a curse and an oath to follow the Law of God (Nehemiah 10:29).

The people bound themselves to keeping their families separate from the pagan world, putting their trust in God completely, and giving back to God from what He provided for them.

How will you show God He is first in your life? Consistent giving is the first step, but think outside the box and beyond what is comfortable. Be careful to keep your promises, especially those you make to God.

Prayer Suggestion: God, I promise to give You every aspect of my life on earth.