Center of Hope Devotion – June 29, 2021

Dear Friends,

A recurring image in the Psalms is that of God as the Warrior King enthroned in His royal fortress, Zion. The ancient city’s craggy perch above the surrounding valleys made it an easily defensible citadel, but its greatest asset was hidden underground.

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells (Psalm 46:4).

Jerusalem’s natural water source was the intermittent Gihon Spring, with the man-made Pool of Siloam serving as a reservoir. But the spring and pool were outside the city walls, requiring towers to guard them and an older, covered channel and Hezekiah’s later tunnel to divert water into the city. Its water supply secure, Zion was a fortress able to withstand a long siege.

In the same way, God and His Word sustain Christians. But if Christians are not faithful to stay close God, they can find themselves separated from Him and under attack. Fortunately, God is able to hear even the faintest cry for help and He is more than able to rescue those who call on Him.

Challenge for Today: Keep your life source flowing by going to God daily through prayer and His Word.